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Top 5 My Hero Academia Female Characters

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Here is my take on Top 5 My Hero Academia Female Characters

Like Naruto, My Hero Academia is also an action fantasy anime, with everyone in it having one or more abilities(aka quirk). Some individuals have average abilities, and some have great personal abilities. Among them, ALL MIGHT's quirk "ONE FOR ALL" is the most powerful, and basically a punch can beat the enemy. However, this Topic is not about the abilities of the individual, but to show you the top five My Hero Academia female characters, in my opinion. The last one is my most favorite though.

First place: Yaoyorozu A.K.A Momo



Momo was recommended to enter the UA High School and did not take the entrance exam. Although she is only a high school student, Momo have already had the body that even adult women are jealous of, and are regarded by many anime fans as goddesses. Yaoyorozu's quirk is "creation", which can create anything from the body.

Second place: Mt. Lady

The Mt. Lady Hero is a No.23 Pro Hero in My hero academia. she was once set as the heroine by the author. The quirk of the Mt. Lady is "Gigantification", and she can transform herself from 162cm to a giant with a height of 2062cm, which is very popular among the audience.

Third place: Midnight

Midnight is a teacher of UA High School. Although she is a teacher, she is wearing a tights costume like the Mt. Lady. Her quirk is "Somnambulist", which releases the sleep-inducing scent from her body that put targets to sleep. Midnight is a goddess in UA high school.

Fourth place:Ochaco Uraraka aka Uravity

Ochaco Uraraka is the heroine of my hero academia. She has a cheerful personality. She was saved by Izuku Midoriya (main character) during the entrance exam, and she has a good impression on him. The ability of the Uraraka is “Zero gravity”, which allows you to float yourself, something or someone she touches.

Fifth place: Himiko Toga (My heart is melting)


She is a villain in My hero academia, she joined the League of Villains and became major supporting member. She's a cute high school student, but her character is really evil.  She always smile even after killed someone, it appears that she is a bit sadistic. Toga has unstable mentality and a twisted perception of love. Her quirk is "Transform" which she can can copy anyone's appearance by taking their blood. She was once transform herself to a student name "Camie" in Provisional Hero License Exam which nobody knows when did she take her blood or probably she's Camie herself.

The above is the five angles in my hero academia, especially the last one who stole my heart since the first appearance.

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